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"We are investing in our future today so that our dividends yielded return back to us even greater than before!"

-Mrs. Octavia Greer, Visionary



Octavia Greer, EdD

Executive Director/Visionary

As a South Bronx, New York City native Mrs. Octavia Greer credits her current motivation to supporting others based on her own home life experiences by growing up and participating in church and the examples of her educators. She was always taught that if you can help someone in need do it because it could very well be you one day. Her experiences have challenged her to rely on her faith and demonstrate what agape love looks and feels like towards our fellow neighbors in need. Motivated by preserving and leaving a legacy for her own future generations and of the next generations of society, Mrs. Greer envisioned that small random acts of kindness within her community as well promoting the need for higher education will help motivate others to understand that the actions taken today can lead to a better tomorrow. This thought grew into a movement that once started as a hashtag known as #doingit4thelegacy back in 2018. 

After having the chance to recognize the needs of communities especially after so many changes resulting in the pandemic caused by COVID-19, her vision grew into devising a plan for action-oriented change on a larger scale.

Mrs. Greer, officially founded Legacy Moves, Inc. on March 3, 2021 and she is excited to continue the work by supporting communities in South Jersey/PA!

She is currently an NJ Department of Education early childhood educator who has committed her life's work to the cause of supporting our society's youngest learners and their families for over 5 years. She has completed and graduated with her doctorate of education in Organizational Leadership and Development from Grand Canyon University.

Joy Matthews, M.Ed

Managing Community Partner, South Jersey/Philly

Joy Matthews is a Philadelphia native who is a graduate of Arcadia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Video Production. Currently, Ms. Matthews is a graduate student at Temple University and has obtained her Master’s degree in Social Work. In addition, to her diverse set of educational knowledge, she has also worked professionally in the corporate financial sector for close to 15 years. Prior to attending Temple, Ms. Matthews took time to truly consider what is her “clarion call” in life. Aside

from what comes naturally as being a helper to others in the community, she drew her inspiration to transition into the role of helping others professionally from a quote by Bishop T. D. Jakes, who said, “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” Therefore, Ms. Matthews' current educational pursuits are a complement to her true passion for helping others become the best version of themselves from the inside out. Ms. Matthew is most excited about this opportunity and looking forward to effectively assisting families and individuals who Legacy Moves will serve.

Nikesha Sanders, MLS, LMSW

Managing Community Partner, South Jersey/Delaware

Growing up in Philadelphia is where Nikesha Sanders was first exposed to various mental health challenges, which helped her to gain a comfort level and passion for helping others. Mrs. Sanders is a Human Services professional with over 28 years of successful experience in providing services to individuals experiencing behavioral health, mental health, and/or substance challenges. Nikesha is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education and has a Master’s of Science degree from Willington University in Administration of Human Services. Nikesha is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker (LMSW), a Human Services Practitioner, and a certified Mental Health Screener for the State of Delaware. Nikesha has worked in Delaware for the past 16 years. During that time, she has been recognized as a Leader in crisis services. As a mental health professional with broad-based experiences serving as an advocate and resource for individuals, and families in a variety of settings. Nikesha has a voice for Change and considers herself a “Change Agent”. Nikesha is passionate about her purpose to foster lifelong learning, leadership, and development; and to promote excellence in service humanity to the individuals and families that are served by Legacy Moves.

Marlina Thompson

Managing Community Partner, Metro Atlanta Area (Anticipated Opening Fall 2022)

Originally from Ventura County, California, Ms. Marlina Thompson relocated to the Greater Atlanta Area in 2010. Ms. Thompson holds the title of Managing Community Partner for the non-profit Legacy Moves, Inc. This organization is a conglomerate that seeks to be a source for families who are in need. As part of the vision to reach as many possible, we are projected to operate at full capacity by the Fall of 2022. 

After moving, Ms. Thompson worked to achieve her certification and pursued a career in medical billing and coding which rekindled her love of both numbers and philanthropy. From an early age, she participated in activities including volunteering at local elderly homes, tutoring her peers, participating as a Sunday school teacher as well as other church-related ministries, and served as president of her high school club, Teens for Humanity. Each extracurricular activity helped foster a deep desire to be a stewardess of service to her community.

During the Fall of 2020, Ms. Thompson helped her family revive her grandfather's old syrup mill in Amite County, Mississippi. While there she spent time learning the legacy of ‘Albert Weathersby’s Sugar Cane Syrup’ and how his service impacted her family as well as the community. With her entrepreneurial flame re-lit and her faith lighting the way, Ms. Thompson devised a plan that focused on creating access to generational wealth for her community.

With a new vision in her view, Ms. Thompson has put her flourishing career in medical billing on hold, to commit herself to build a better community and redefining what’s considered ‘the norm’. From the most grandiose of her ideas to the most idiosyncratic, she decided to make a plan of action to see her vision of a better society come to fruition. The start of her endeavors was, to begin with, a business and a non-profit, which would aim to educate and provide aid to those in need by promoting financial literacy and resources for basic needs. 

In January 2021, she began the path of starting her first successful business as the CEO and lead instructor of Life Fetching CPR, LLC in Georgia. In February 2021, the founder and visionary of Legacy Moves, Inc., Mrs. Greer, shared with Ms. Thompson an inspiring opportunity. The initial hashtag ‘#DoingItForTheLegacy’ and its purpose was viewed as divine confirmation of her personal assignment.

Ms. Thompson is excited about the impact this opportunity will bring to the families of South Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Greater Atlanta  Area. As she studies to further her education, skill, and knowledge base to create supplementary assistance to her community, she is excited to celebrate with the Legacy Moves family in their milestones and future possibilities of service.



As we continue our reach both locally and beyond, we would love to have you assist us in help serving the needs of our clients. 

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Private and Business Donors

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Legacy Moves It Takes a Village Adopt-a-Home Program

Are you a transitional home, shelter, private and/or public entity that is looking for additional resources to help support the needs of your clients with personal care items? We would love the opportunity to be a partner with you! 

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"It Takes a Village Program" to leave a message describing your organization's needs. We are accepting requests on a rolling basis and endeavor to support as many entities as possible.


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